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Class of 2016

Meet our current students, the Scommrades!


Catherine Lau

Catherine has always been interested in mental health and the BRAIN! After receiving her Honours BSc in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour at McMaster University, she decided to dive into the research world and pursue a MSc in Experimental Psychology (specializing in Behaviour Neuroscience) from Memorial University, in hopes of investigating mechanisms underlying stress, depression and anxiety. Although she enjoyed the research realm and obtained many new skills and experiences, she longed to communicate topics in mental health and neuroscience to the general public in a creative manner. She hopes to gain new skills in the SciComm program so that she can blend science and art together to educate others.


Gabrielle Veilleux

Growing up in northern Ontario, nature was Gabrielle's backyard and exploration became one of her favourite pastimes. Her life-long interest in living things led her to pursue a B.Sc. in Biomedical Biology. During her undergrad, she got involved with Let's Talk Science in 2013 as a volunteer, and later as a coordinator. Gabrielle also enjoyed two summers volunteering at Science North. Wanting to share her passion of science with others, Science Communication was a perfect fit!


Jenna Friedt

Jenna, a young scientist with a passion for reading, knitting, and crossword puzzles, was looking for a more creative outlet than laboratory bench work to spread her love of science and innovation. Luckily, she came across the Science Communication program that, with the help of her biochemistry background, she could refine her ability to develop fun and dynamic science programming for youth.


Jessica Shapiro

A Toronto native, Jessie has traveled the country in pursuit of adventure and education. After completing a BA at McGill University, Jessie moved west to write her Master's thesis in Environmental Psychology at the University of Northern British Columbia. In her professional career, Jessie has taken on the roles of writer, media relations officer, and most recently, communications coordinator at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. She aims to inspire action and stewardship through plain language communication.


Jordan Nicksy

I grew up on Georgian Bay, and have loved the great outdoors for as long as I can remember. This almost certainly inspired me to pursue a degree in Environmental Governance, studying geography, political science, history, and resource economics. I am an amateur photographer, writer, and cook, interested in digital media, environmental history, and regional cuisines. I was attracted to the SCOM program because it allows students to explore multiple interests, gain hands on experience, and work with professionals in the field.


Kaitlin Richard

Born and raised in the small town of Azilda, I earned a Bachelor of Science from Laurentian University with a specialization in Biochemistry after completing a thesis on copper-substituted anthrax lethal factor. Science Communication is a great fit for me as I enjoy almost every topic in science, and I love communicating to people the wonders that science entails. Aside from science, I enjoy the great outdoors of Northern Ontario and petting puppies.


Katherine Middleton

Kat grew up in Thunder Bay and has been studying and working in aquatic and ocean conservation over the last decade. Kat began her career as a marine biologist researching salmon survival for her MSc at the University of Victoria. Over the last few years she has held various jobs in ocean science communication with several environmental non-profits out west including the David Suzuki Foundation in Vancouver, BC. These exceptional experiences drive Kat to continue to learn and share her love for the ocean and its ongoing conservation, and to further pursue her career in marine science communication.


Kiki Kirkpatrick

Kiki recently received her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from the University of Guelph focussing in Nutritional and Neutraceutical Sciences, as well as in Anthropology. Always having a "foot in each door" in terms of interests, Kiki came to the Science Communication program with the intension of combining her creativity with her love of science. Outside of school, Kiki feels most comfortable outdoors and has spent the majority of her recent summers living out of a tent, enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.


Lucija Prelovec

Lucija's passion for the ocean has led her to complete a Honours BSc in marine and freshwater biology at the University of Guelph. While at university she was lucky enough to intern for 3 summers at the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation in Croatia, where she participated in bottlenose dolphin research and educating the public. This internship helped her decide to pursue a career in education and communication rather than solely focus on research. Post graduation she became the digital learning education intern at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Florida. Afterwards she wished to expand her informal education experience and was hired as part of the fin-tastic inaugural education team at the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. This past summer she returned to Mote as a marine science educator for their Aquatic Robotics summer camp. With such varied experiences she felt she needed to expand her knowledge in the communications field and was delighted to learn about the Science Communication program. She hopes to have a trout-standing year!


Manon Bardin

Manon is originally from France. After high school, she did two years of preparatory classes and after a national contest, went to a French "grande école" in Brittany. There, she learnt about agronomy and specialized herself in biochemistry and fatty acids. She did her master thesis on the influence of fatty acids on the working of brain cells, and continued with a PhD on cerebral tumors. However, she realized that was not the way she wanted to work with science and quit to go studying science communication in Grenoble. To have a broader knowledge of how to communicate science, she decided to come to Canada and learn from the great Dr Dave and Dr Chantal


Parker McLean

Greetings my friend and fellow voyager! Throughout my life I have been greatly intrigued by the intimate relationship of mathematics and the physical nature of our world. This feeling drove me to The Physics Specialist Program at The University of Toronto. Here, I received my H.BSc. with a minor in Mathematics. My curiosity unquenched, I now make it my purpose to learn more through exposing the entertaining nature of science; to spread the awe inspiring feeling of wonder that I myself have felt. So let us voyage out and discover rocks unturned, growing to appreciate the laborious yet rewarding endeavours on which our species dares to embark

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