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Meet our current students!

 Virginia East  

Virginia grew up in the "Greenest" community in Ontario according to TVO. Her love and passion for the environment has been instilled in her since a young age when she went out for Halloween as a recycling box and made the local paper. She did her undergraduate studies at Laurentian University in Environmental Earth Science, a combination of biology, geology, and geography. While at Laurentian she studied the pollen history of two Sudbury Lakes, comparing the impact of environmental disturbances using common ragweed pollen. Recently Virginia's experience with Ontario Parks as Natural Heritage Educator, rescuing a Bald Eagle, and working with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority's Outreach Programmes has led her to the Science Communication Program. She hopes to continue to spread her science knowledge with everyone.


Jenny Kliever

Jenny has been on the hunt for mysterious and exhilarating things since a young age. Curious about black holes, gravity, and all things science, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Physics and has done research in theoretical as well as applied physics. She is now combining these interests with her passion for writing and advocating by studying science communication. When she's not doing science related things, she can be found dancing, baking, reading, or enjoying a glass of wine.


Elizabeth Knowles

Originally from Montreal, Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Arts and Science with minors in English and Mathematical Sciences from the University of Guelph. She began communicating science in exciting ways while working at the Cosmodôme in Laval, Quebec, where she learned all about space exploration, astronomy, kids and throwing eggs off the third floor without breaking them. Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys Irish dancing, attempting to learn Mandarin, canoeing, bribing people with baked goods, writing and volunteering with Girl Guides.


Kevin Mogk

Moustache. Bowtie. Science! What more do you need to know? Name? Kevin Mogk, Science Bloke. (Mogk is pronounced Moke, it's where the whole science bloke thing came from. Helps people remember.) You want to know more? All right. Undergrad in Cultural Anthropology, then disappeared to Ottawa to learn to write for the stage. Writing didn't quite work out and I ended up working at The Manitoba Museum's Science Gallery and Planetarium to keep from starving, or resorting to self-cannibalism. Turns out I really, really liked what I was doing at the Science Gallery and fell head over beakers in love with it. There is something magical about sharing a passion for science with others in a setting like a science gallery or planetarium. To help me get better at what I love do to, I applied to Science Communication and well, that's where we are, here, with you reading my bio.


Steve Potvin

Steve received his Honours BSc in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University. Instead of getting a real job or continuing his education like most sane people would do, he moved to Madrid with absolutely no knowledge of Spanish to be a nanny for kids who barely spoke English. After introducing the kids to the show The Magic School Bus, he began to wonder whether one day he too could be as good as Miss Frizzle at teaching people about science. When he found out about the science communication program, he hopped on a flight back to Canada hoping to learn the skills he needs to persuade others to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! (Currently seeking any leads on a bus that can transform into a dinosaur or a chameleon that understands human speech).

Michelle Reid

Michelle Reid

With a passion for environmental science and a desire to study this field within a broader social context, Michelle obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Science (Combined Honours in Environmental Science) from McMaster University. She quickly fell in love with field work through sampling campaigns in Algonquin Park and the Great Lakes, leading her to pursue a Master of Science from McMaster in Aquatic Microbial Geochemistry. Through her MSc research on the sulfur geochemistry of a wetland reclamation deposit in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Michelle realized her passion for bridging the communication gap between industry, academia, and the public. She is extraordinarily excited for the opportunity to merge her experience in environmental science with her interests in civic engagement and multimedia arts.


Erica Richard

An outdoor enthusiast, Erica came to the Science Communication Program from an undergraduate in Environmental Studies that helped her make connections between everyday life and the science all around her. Having worked at Science North for over 5 years, she has grown to believe that learning should always be accessible and that any type of science can be fun if you have the right teacher.



Carly Robillard

Carly has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology with an interest in the theatrical. She aims to combine her love of performing with her love of sharing useful or interesting scientific information, and has been able to do so through her career as a park interpreter. She looks forward to learning the tricks of the trade through the Science Communication program, and possibly to having her own educational show some day.



Katie Runions

Katie received her Bachelors of Science in Biology with a specialization in Zoology from Laurentian University. During her undergrad she had the opportunity to participate in class debates in which she disputed and supported ideas relating to recent controversial scientific topics in front of a panel of professors and students. She is currently a Science Leader at Science North and has been working there for over seven years. Her interests in science communications flourished through her everyday interactions with the public by helping them connect with the natural world around them. While at Science North, she has assisted in the development and the delivery of school programming as well as given input for the design of exhibits. Her intent is to pursue exhibit design and research. In her free time she likes to hike and bird watch.


Lauren Seymour(2)


Lauren Seymour

Lauren received her Bachelor of Science Honours in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph. Before joining the Science Communication program, she worked at MaRS Discovery District, helping to run a suite of experiential education programs for the public. Her experience at MaRS led to a passion for teaching outside the traditional classroom setting. She looks forward to further developing her communication skills to help her share her passion for science with others.


Robin Yee

Robin is a graduate of McMaster University, where she earned her Bachelor of Engineering & Society specializing in semiconductors and nanotechnology. Originally lured into academia by travel, she worked as a research assistant in Ireland and Germany before returning to McMaster for her M.A.Sc. Robin was closely involved with the McMaster Engineering Outreach department throughout her studies. By connecting with families and curious students of all ages, she discovered her passion for sharing the exciting world of engineering and research through everyday, accessible language. In her spare time, Robin can often be found with her camera at hand, reading, or swing dancing to big band music.


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