School Outreach Programs

Let Science North bring our School Programs to you!

Science north strives to make science fun, dynamic and easy to understand with experiments, demonstrations adn hands-on activities. through Science North's Science en route program, students from distant communities are able to enjoy, learn and develop new understandings and passion for science. All programs are designed to meet learning objectives set out by the 2007 Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum. We offer a variety of classroom programs and assembly-style science shows to reach a wide audience of students.


Package Options

  1. Four (4) School Programs: $750*
  2. Five (5) school Programs: $900*
  3. Three (3) School Programs + One (1) Science Show: $750*
  4. Four (4) Portable Planetarium Workshops: $900*
  5. Three (3) School Programs + One (1) Science Show + One Family Night: $1050*
*All prices are subject to applicable taxes
We require access to programming spaces, such as classrooms and/or gymnasiums, to allow time for set-up and takedown.


Booking Information

Science North Outreach programs serve communities at least 100km from Sudbury. Science North invites nearby school to visit our facility and make use of our in-house school programs.

For more information, Please call 1-800-461-4898 EXT 231 or email

To maximize effective use of resources, Science North will travel to Northern regions once one or a group of schools have booked a minimum of 4 or 5 programming days. Science North staff will seek new clients in the area and your help in promoting the program to increase the length of stay in your community would be appreciated. All bookings are tentative until the week has been fully booked.

Requests can be made at anytime. Bookings are based on a first come, first served basis - all requests are considered, but not guaranteed. A signed booking contract is required to secure the date.

Available Programs


Science Show (50 minutes)

Engage your entire school with a high-energy science show! This interactive show can be presented to a full auditorium or gymnasium and is the perfect way to reach as many students as possible.


Portable Planetarium Workshop (50 minutes)

Your students will feel like real space explorers as they go on a journey through the planets and moons of our cosmic neighbourhood. Students are immersed in stunning images taken from modern space probes and telescopes.

The Planetarium educational experience includes the viewing of a 30 minutes show and a grade-appropriate live show led by a Bluecoat.


Family Nights

A Science North Family Science night is a two-hours evening program of hands-on science activities held in your elementary school. Children and their parents work together to conduct simple, inquiry-based, age-appropriate science activities.

There are two primary goals:

  • To stimulate an excitement and interest in science among elementary school children and their parents
  • To involve parents in the educational process

Science North will provide the science stations, including all materials and instructions.

**Please note that this program will require help from school volunteers.


School Programs (50 minutes)

Science North offers fun and interactive classroom programs for JK to grade 8 that provide a unique, hands-on learning experience for your students that is curriculum linked.

Book a day with the Bluecoat Scientists, and you'll get up to four hands-on programs for individual classes (capacity of 30 students) and an interactive science show for the entire school!

Sprout your Sock!


Through exploration and investigation, your young scientists will learn about different fruit and where they are grown. They'll have a chance to communicate their findings with each other and through active play discover how seeds turn into plants!

Invention Dimension

Grades 1 & 2

What kinds of 3-dimensional shapes can be found in real life? Your young engineers will find out when they design, construct and test structures and simple machines. Following this hands-on activity, your students will get to experience a trip through different architectural structures found around the world, making the math come alive!

Curriculum Links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms (GR 1. Materials, Objects and Everyday Structures, GR 2 Movement)

Zip to the Finish

Grade 3 & 4

Zip lines are becoming increasingly more popular around the world. While they are fun for the adventurous, there is an incredible amount of physics, math and engineering involved in their creation. After learning about forces that influence objects in our world and testing out a gear system, your young extreme athletes will design, build and test a zip line. Following the activity they'll have a chance to experience a zip line in real life!

Curriculum Links: Understanding Matter and Energy (GR. 3 Forces Causing Movement, GR 4 Pulleys and Gears)

Biological Bewilderment

Grades 7 & 8

Hydraulic technologies can be found in many parts of our everyday lives, from hinges on doors in schools to industrial presses that crush and form metal. In this program, students will work together to create a small-scale hydraulic press and test its effectiveness. Using technical problem solving skills, your students will identify the magnitude of the force applied that is necessary to crush an object, followed by a virtual tour of hydraulic presses in real life.

Curriculum Links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms (GR. 7 Form and Function, GR. 8 Systems in Action Understanding Matter and Energy - Fluids)

Math... to the MAX!

All grades

Join the Science North Bluecoats and the entire school in the gym for this engaging, high-impact show that will surely have the students astounded by arithmetic! From geometrically shaped bubbles to balloon popping lasers, this show will demonstrate to students that math is fun, it's useful and it is part of our everyday lives.

Support for this project is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education

Program Policies


Group Size

For reasons of quality and safety, classroom programs have a maximum capacity of 30 students per program. There is no maximum capacity for assembly-style science show presentations although we recommend no more than 250 students for an optimal experience.


Cancellation Policy

Program cancellations received with less thanone month notice will result in a full program fee being charged.

In the event Science North is unable to present a program due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstance, a full refund will be issued if an alternate date is not available.